Play the Humanity Game

7 February 2023
By: Kieke van Maarschalkerwaart , Coco Box

Palazzo Reale’s ‘The Humanity Game,’ featured in the now-concluded ‘Humanity’ exhibition, received positive feedback for its engaging and thought-provoking experience.

The Cult-ED special, available for free at the ticket counter, guided participants through various rooms, prompting reflection on the beauty and significance of Indigenous peoples worldwide. A distinctive feature was its double-sided map, where visitors could contribute by adding their own pictures, symbolizing shared humanity.

The success of The Humanity Game was evident in its universal appeal, particularly among families. Children, in particular, embraced the interactive journey, infusing the exhibition with joy and curiosity.

The Jimmy Nelson Foundation looks back on the ‘Humanity’ exhibition with gratitude, thanking visitors for exploring and appreciating the enriching experience offered by The Humanity Game. Although the exhibition has closed, the memories of shared global unity continue to resonate.

We invite you to continue exploring ‘Humanity’ and enjoy the enriching experience offered by The Humanity Game or any of our other Cult-ED lessons, which you can still download here on our website!