Project Criteria

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Project Criteria

Criteria for applying for funding from the Jimmy Nelson Foundation

  1. Community Representation: Proposals must originate from not-for-profit associations or institutions representing the communities featured in Jimmy Nelson’s work. This ensures that the projects directly benefit the communities involved.
  2. Alignment with Foundation’s Mission: Proposals should align with the mission and objectives of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation, which focuses on celebrating cultural diversity, preserving heritage, and empowering indigenous voices.
  3. Addressing Specific Need or Challenge: The proposal must clearly identify a specific need or challenge within the community and outline how the project will contribute to positive outcomes or benefits for the population.
  4. Capacity and Track Record: The proposing organization or team must demonstrate the necessary skills, experience, and track record to effectively carry out the proposed activities.
  5. Ethical Standards and Safeguards: Proposals must adhere to ethical standards and principles, ensuring the protection of the rights, dignity, and well-being of participants and stakeholders involved in the project. The Jimmy Nelson Foundation explicitly waives any and all responsibility and/or liability in relation to any breach of these ethical standards and safeguards by the proposing organization or team and reserves the right to terminate the funding and collaboration in the event that such breach takes place. 

By adhering to these criteria, applicants can ensure that their proposals are well-aligned with the mission and objectives of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation and have the potential to make a meaningful impact within the communities they serve.