Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

Cult-ED is a free educational program, based on the work of Jimmy Nelson, to grow GLOBAL CITIZENS who are knowledgeable, empathetic and respectful of different cultures and perspectives.

Cult-ED caters to both individuals and groups, making it an ideal choice for classrooms and community-based learning. Understanding and appreciating cultural diversity is essential in today’s multicultural societies. It promotes tolerance, empathy, and a sense of shared humanity.

Wherever you are, use these stories and games to open your eyes into the beautiful cultural diversity of humanity worldwide.

How does Cult-ED work?

On this website, you have free access to all material!

There is an introductory lesson “Celebrating Cultural Diversity” to introduce you on broad concepts of culture, being indigenous, and humanity’s common origin in the African continent.

There are stories of individuals from different communities visited by Jimmy Nelson and we are preparing thematic lessons about shared experiences to provide insights into what makes us human.

Cult-ED is a great educational tool for classrooms, families, team coaching, and individuals interested in cultural diversity and inclusivity. It is also recommended while visiting Jimmy Nelson’s exhibitions around the world.

What do you get with Cult-ED?

With Cult-ED, you become acquainted with the richness of our diverse cultural expressions. Despite this diversity you perceive how similar humans are worldwide, and how we are interconnected with nature.  The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nation has set the compass to reach a more equitable and sustainable planet. Cult-ED has the potential to foster a greater sense of global citizenship and interconnectedness. It can contribute to a world where Indigenous cultures are valued, respected and integrated into the fabric of our shared human heritage.

Why is Cult-ED a unique educational offer?

Cult-ED stands out by centring its curriculum on the exploration and appreciation of diverse cultures worldwide. It focuses specifically on raising awareness about the Indigenous Peoples and their invaluable cultural heritage. Cult-ED offers a distinct learning experience by minimising reliance on words and language. Instead, it focuses on visual and hands-on communication to bridge linguistic barriers. This approach allows individuals and groups, such as classrooms, to freely navigate and engage with the program’s materials based on their specific needs.

What sets Cult-ED apart is its emphasis on unconventional knowledge that is still not globalised but holds immense importance and reliability, encouraging a profound respect for cultural traditions.

Cult-ED aims to create a space where the value and significance of this knowledge is recognised and respected, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for its importance. This way, Cult-ED inspires learners to embrace diverse perspectives and develop a profound respect for the richness and diversity of cultural traditions around the world.

What is Cult-Ed’s goal?

The goal is for the stories provided by Cult-ED to be accessible not only to a wide international audience but also to Indigenous communities themselves.

We aim to create a network that enables Indigenous communities to actively participate in the program, sharing their rich cultural expressions, stories, and perspectives directly. It is through their active participation and leadership that the program can truly reflect their lived experiences and convey the profound wisdom embedded within their cultural traditions.

Jimmy Nelson App

Let the images come alive

You can download the Jimmy Nelson App to maximise use of Cult-ED. By simply turning on your device’s camera and focusing it on the images of the lessons, you will step into the real world of the indigenous peoples. Beautiful video material will guide you through breathtaking footage, but above all it will uncover information about different cultures from around the world. No smartphone? Scroll down for all the videos.