Ceremonial Terrace in Q'eros

1 March 2023
By: Coco Box
Photo by: Charlotte Chastain

Despacho Ceremony

With the help of Willka Yachay and funds from the JNF and other advocates for Indigenous traditions, the Q’eros community finished building a ceremonial terrace for a core practice of their worldview – the Despacho – last September 2022. Due to the winter and conditions to Q’eros, we had to wait a little bit longer for some images of the terrace in usage, but we are so proud of the result!

The multi-level design, by inspired pro bono architect Carlos Rey, represents the three worlds of the Andean cosmogony, and more. 30 masons x 10 days! We want to thank Willka Yachay, all of our supporters, who are the proud owner of a book or Art and ongoing thanks to the Apus, mountain spirits, through beautiful ceremonies from this powerful spot!