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Wisdom not to loose

The resilient indigenous communities of Greenland have thrived for many generations amidst some of the most challenging conditions on Earth. Their accumulated wisdom and knowledge are an invaluable treasure.

Traditional healing practices in Greenland used to involve the use of drums as a central element. These practices were deeply rooted in Kalaallit and Inuit culture and spirituality, where the drum holds significant symbolism and power. Performed by shamans or healers who have been trained in the ancient ways of their ancestors, the drum is believed to connect the physical world with the spiritual realm, serving as a conduit for healing energies and ancestral wisdom. traditional healing practices involved other elements in conjunction with drumming, such as herbs, incense, and ritualistic movements.

The Native Greenland Foundation was created in 2020 to support the indigenous people of Greenland in rediscovering their cultural and spiritual identity, to openly face social and economic issues experienced by the natives, as well as promoting the exchange of wisdom, knowledge and traditions of the native residents of Greenland with Western society.


A bridge between Indigenous wisdom and the Western world

The JNF proudly backs the Native Greenland Foundation in establishing the Illu peqqissarfik – the “House of Healing”. This initiative aims to create communal spaces in Greenland, fostering a fusion of traditional healing practices and contemporary methods.

Illu peqqissarfik will facilitate the exchange of wisdom between the elders and the younger generation. Complementary and traditional healing techniques will be taught, empowering Greenlandic students to work with individuals’ energy consciousness systems for holistic well-being. Emphasising the significance of drum dance in Greenlandic culture, Illu peqqissarfik aims to make this tradition accessible to every Greenlandic child, backed by scientific evidence of its healing potential.

Serving as a bridge between Indigenous wisdom and the Western world, Illu peqqissarfik envisions a world inspired by the healing energy of Greenland’s Indigenous people, promoting peaceful coexistence with each other and the environment.

The JNF donation, though small, contributed to the kickstart of the Illu peqqissarfik. If you aim to support the this project you can do so by clicking here!


Native Greenland Foundation

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, an Inuit-Kalaallit Elder and Shaman from Greenland, received a profound mission from his mother: “Melt the ice in the heart of man”.As a traditional healer and sought-after keynote speaker at international conferences, he has traversed over 70 countries. Expressing gratitude for a Foundation established by individuals from distant lands to support his homeland, Angaangaq reflects on the recognition of the challenges faced by his people. He sees the foundation as a source of nourishment, enabling the revival of cultural roots that have been uprooted and left hungry for spiritual connection.

With enthusiasm, he envisions the foundation fostering the growth of traditional ceremonies, showcasing to the world that, even at the top of the globe, their culture holds significance and contributes to the global tapestry.

“I feel so privileged that the Foundation has recognized us, and realized how much changes we have gone through in a very short time of the history of our nation. How our roots have been uprooted and not replanted again. That the roots are dying off, hungry for that spirit. The Foundation will feed us again, so we can feed ourself again. And we grow our traditional ceremonies to showcases to the world, so they can see that on the very top of the world we matter to the world”. - Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq – Ambassador