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Ode aan Nederland Travelling Exhibition

Various Dutch communities
Images from left to right: 1. Mandy | Zaanstreek, Noord-Holland | The Netherlands, 2020 2. Rosa | Katwijk, Zuid-Holland | The Netherlands, 2021 3. Lisan | Volendam, Noord-Holland | The Netherlands, 2020

      Various Dutch communities


      The Netherlands

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      Travelling exhibition

The trailer of the Dutch travelling exhibition: Ode aan Nederland

Celebrating Dutch Heritage

In “Between the Sea and the Sky,” Jimmy Nelson unveils the Dutch in a captivating portrayal, challenging stereotypes and reigniting a connection with their cultural heritage. The images prompt a rediscovery of Streek-en Klederdracht, often dismissed as old-fashioned yet holding the key to the Netherlands’ enduring identity.

For centuries, the Dutch have battled water, forging a national character of strength and solidarity. However, in the pursuit of progress, authentic roots risk being overshadowed. This project seeks to illuminate the disappearing tradition, showcasing its preservers and transforming it from an antiquated relic to a source of collective pride.

It calls for all Dutch citizens to embrace the resilient identity embedded in Streek-en Klederdracht , bridging the gap between past and present.

It is a journey where tradition meets modernity, anchoring us ‘Between the Sea and the Sky’, guiding us towards a collective and proud future.

The communities during the book launch of 'Between the Sea and the Sky' on the Museum Square, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2022
Ode aan Nederland poster for the Zaans Museum: Zaanstreek, Noord-Holland | The Netherlands, 2020

‘Ode aan Nederland’ is a travelling exhibition that embodies the essence of the Foundation’s reciprocity program by giving back to the communities that contributed to Jimmy Nelson’s work “Between the Sea and the Sky”.

An exhibition featuring 20 artworks is touring across the Netherlands, hosted at four local museums in the cities of Axel, Scheveningen, Dokkum, and Zaandam throughout 2024.

After the exhibition, these 20 artworks will be donated, and each community will receive one artwork to display at a location of their preference, such as the town hall, local museum, or library. More information about the donation event will soon be online!

Fostering a deep connection between art, culture, and communities, this exhibition serves as a heartfelt tribute to Dutch culture, underscoring the enduring value of shared heritage and community collaboration.

Betty, Marije, Baukje & Nathallya | Nes, Friesland | The Netherlands, 2021

Ode aan Nederland Travelling Exhibition

For tickets and more info, check the museum websites!

Marian, Carlien, Ineke & Sjaco | Axel, Zeeland | The Netherlands, 2021