Digital Supplies for the Zangtherpo School

Sharchop & Ngalop
Images left to right: 1. Choney Dorji | Bhumtang | Bhutan, 2016 2. Sonam, Sharchop | Gangtey | Bhutan, 2016 3. Ngalop | Paro | Bhutan, 2016

      Sharchop & Ngalop


      Zangtherpo Primary School, Bumthang Valley, Bhutan

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      Smartboards and digital cameras

Meet the students of the Zangtherpo Primary School by watching the video | Kurjey, Bumthang Valley | Bhutan, 2023.

Bridging a Technological Gap

In April 2023, the Zangtherpo Primary School reached out to the Jimmy Nelson Foundation for support in incorporating modern educational tools.

Offering free primary education since the early 2000s, the Zanctherpo school imparts knowledge in both English and Dzongkha, covering subjects like math, science, history, and geography.

The aim was to introduce digital boards, enhancing the learning experience with interactive, touch-screen technology. This initiative not only promotes engaging teaching methods but also equips students with essential technology skills for their future educational and career pursuits.

Zangtherpo Primary School | Kurjey, Bumthang Valley | Bhutan, 2024. Photo by Toeb Namgyel
Student using the given technology | Zangtherpo Primary School | Kurjey, Bumthang Valley | Bhutan, 2024. Photo by Toeb Namgyel

Cultural and Technological Advancement

In August 2023, the Zangtherpo Primary School received seven smartboards—one for each class. While these devices are commonly used in modern schools worldwide, they remain relatively rare in rural Bhutanese schools.

Access to technology not only enhances education but also opens doors to healthcare, communication, and economic opportunities crucial for their well-being. The Foundation believes that Indigenous cultures must actively participate in cultural and technological advancements, to foster a symbiotic relationship between deep-rooted traditions and modern opportunities.

This integration doesn’t merely bridge gaps; it cultivates a dynamic synergy, empowering Indigenous peoples to navigate contemporary challenges while preserving the richness of their heritage.

Zangtherpo Primary School | Kurjey, Bumthang Valley | Bhutan, 2024. Photo by Toeb Namgyel

Through Own Eyes

We are now in the planning stages of sending a set of digital cameras to the same school to initiate the project “Through Own Eyes – Visual Stories from Within Indigenous Cultures” project.

By combining digital boards with digital photography, the Zangtherpo Primary School aims to create a dynamic and culturally relevant learning environment.

This approach not only enhances students’ educational experiences but also fosters a deeper connection to their culture and surroundings.

I feel that just being born a Bhutanese means I embody the culture and tradition – it’s part of us. - Sonam Choden