Public Policy Plan Jimmy Nelson Foundation

This document describes the policy of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation in relation to its goals and how it aims to reach them.


What we do

The Jimmy Nelson Foundation supports cultural diversity worldwide, with indigenous culture at the centre. The Foundation is a charitable organisation financing indigenous documentation projects at cultural festivals and gatherings around the world.


Why we do it

It goes without saying that indigenous cultures around the world are under threat. However, our approach is based on positivity and possibilities. Indigenous and original knowledge can teach us an invaluable amount about ourselves, about others and how to look after the planet. Traditional knowledge of indigenous societies can also contribute to modern vision’s of technology, science – even medicine, and provide us with examples of sustainable living. In anticipation of losing cultural colours in the process of global change, we want to emphasise that these cultures have not “passed away” yet. In fact, we want to highlight with our projects, that they are there and celebrate them in order to sustain the future of diverse indigenous cultural expressions.



The Jimmy Nelson Foundation transfers the results of each project on to an online platform: a ‘digital fireplace’ or visual archive of indigenous cultures. The Foundation differs from other cultural projects, in its positive and creative approach for touching upon indigenous empowerment.



Volunteers for the supported projects are selected from our local networks on the ground and from online applications in response to our application call each year. These calls have their specific requirements listed on the website. Applicants have to first become a Friend of the Foundation, before they can apply to join the projects. Also, an own contribution is required.


After applying, all applicants will be carefully assessed by the Jimmy Nelson Foundation and will thereafter be selected for a shortlist of suitable project volunteers from our database of applicants. After establishing whether an applicant is eligible, the board makes the final decision on whether he/she/they will be invited on a project journey (each for different projects) after which an agreement is drawn up between the foundation and the applicant stating the applicant’s responsibilities. For each project the Foundation accepts on average three volunteers.



To be able to carry out their activities and support projects, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation raises funds from the public. We organise events, carry out media and direct mailing campaigns and use networking of board and organisation for informal fundraising.



The Jimmy Nelson Foundation exists next to Jimmy Nelson Pictures. The Jimmy Nelson Foundation is a separate and independent entity, which is supported by Jimmy Nelson Pictures. This support is periodical and takes the shape of personnel and financial assistance. The Jimmy Nelson Foundation is aware of the risks of seeming conflicts of interests and has taken the necessary steps to mitigate these risks. The Jimmy Nelson Foundation is led by its board. The board is aided by the advisory board. Both the board and advisory board receive no remuneration for their work. The board hires and assigns personnel to achieve the foundation’s goals and meet the responsibilities. Personnel is remunerated competitively.