Have you ever felt the urge to do what Jimmy Nelson is doing? Are you passionate about indigenous cultures and photography? We are looking for you.


In the upcoming year (2018) the Jimmy Nelson Foundation is determined to create projects that document indigenous cultures through the eyes of the culture itself. For this, we are looking for young talented individuals around the world, who master film, photography and/or 360°cameras to assist.  


From central Africa, to the islands in the Pacific – the new project called ‘Circle of Cultural Connection’ consists of small projects around the globe in the shape of several (not yet determined) cultural festivals.


We will create an online platform on which all this cultural wealth is shown. The mission: to document the pride that lies in our global cultural heritage and to work together on a basis of mutual respect and connection.

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Apply here to be part of one of the project teams!

The different projects will run from June to December 2018. Each project takes around one to two weeks. The locations have yet to be confirmed, but will range from central Africa, to Asia, to central America and the Pacific.


Since the projects are competitive, we advise you to carefully read through the requirements before applying.


Suitable applicants:

  • speak English
  • have knowledge of camera usage, film and preferably 360 camera skills
  • have experience with traveling or being abroad
  • are internationally orientated and open-minded
  • who are culturally aware or have antropologic interests are appreciated
  • who have editing skills are appreciated



Fee for all applicants:

Applicants are considered for selection, once they have become a Friend of the Foundation. You will be led to the Friends of the Foundation page at the end of your application.


The documents you have to send in are:

  • Your resume (with a statement of how many language he/she/they speak)
  • Your portfolio (a PDF file with links to vimeo or youtube if applicable)
  • Your  motivation (no longer than one page)
  • Copy of your passport
  • A note to us: Do you have any health problems we should know about? Is there a Festival you would not be interested in going to?


*Please note that all applicants after applying will be added to an online competition-based database, from which the most suitable applicants will be selected to join the programs in 2018.


FAQ and Expectations


Upload your Portfolio here:

Upload your Resume here:

Upload your Motivation here:

Upload your Passport copy here:

I hereby declare that the work I have sent in is of my own making and that I own the musical rights over this work. I hereby also give permission to the Jimmy Nelson Foundation to use this work in their communications.



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