United in diversity

Our Dream

A culturally diverse and healthy planet with respect for each other.



This year, we were all reminded of the fragile state of our being. For the foundation, this meant changing strategy, but above all it made us all realise how important the work of the foundation is. We, as humanity, are at a crossroads where we can decide to either pursue our way of life with the inevitable outcome it will destroy our planet, ór we can reflect and return to the source of what it means to be human. The knowledge on how to shape our future is closer than we think because it is already out there. The Indigenous communities around the world have never stopped living in harmony with their environment. It is time to value these peoples for their true importance and support them to keep their wisdom alive! If together we are able to safeguard their important cultures, we might be able to pass this test of time…and implement new and old knowledge into our daily lives.





It has been our great honour to set up the first reciprocity projects in this past year.  As we, like the rest of the world, could no longer travel, it became more than clear that the way we work with the people on the ground and directly with the communities is the way forward. It has been the communities who Jimmy met along his journeys who were coming up with plans on how to safeguard their community, their family, their tradition, their wisdom, their culture. It is they who are in charge of the kind of project we support setting up within their territory. When we collected all the funding it is the community who will execute the project with a trusted NGO on the ground. Profits of Jimmy Nelson B.V. were donated into all of the projects to give the first kick-start and we are proud to say we are up and running! Your support is also very needed to be able to fund the projects to their end. Together we can actually bring this heritage of humanity into the future, check out our projects below to see how you can contribute!







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We are all human and together we can inspire humanity to respect one another. But in order to change the world, we will need your help! With your support, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation facilitates projects to raise awareness and share knowledge of indigenous cultures through education and art. The reciprocity projects will focus on working together with the communities to support their cultural heritage.


To contribute you can become a friend of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation or donate directly to one of our reciprocity projects (coming soon).

Each book sold empowers people to revalue their cultural heritage. From education programmes to research and reciprocity projects. Good karma? You bet.


Artist Jimmy Nelson, the initiator of this foundation, creates renowned art books. In his images, people stand there proud, as if on a pedestal, worthy of all respect. The first step towards recognition for indigenous cultures and their wisdom around the globe. His books are making an impact with a capital I. Each book sold is not only raising awareness but also financially fueling our various projects. Visit his website for more information or to order a book.

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And don’t worry... we don’t like spam either