The Rangers of Rwanda: Today’s Real Heroes.

8 June 2022
By: Kieke van Maarschalkerwaart

Jimmy photographs the rangers in Volcanoes NP, Rwanda

Jimmy received the beautiful opportunity to visit Rwanda on behalf of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation and photograph the brave rangers of the Volcanoes National Park.

He created artistic images of these guardians who are willing to risk their lives. This unique content will bring their story to the world. We dream big and we want to place the rangers on the pedestal and are today’s heroes.


After a brutal past, Rwanda has had a magnificent reset. It is a beautiful country in the green heart of Africa, also known as the land of the thousand hills. Slowly, old and new national parks are established and tourism is increasing day by day. There are limited numbers of tourists allowed and set times to regulate tourism in order to keep it controlled for everyone, both people and wildlife. Rwanda is a beautiful example on how to welcome visitors. With a big smile the Rwandans say, in the official language Kinyarwanda: “Murakaza neza mu Rwanda”, meaning welcome to Rwanda.

When you look at people- whether they are the Huli from Papua New Guinea, the Mursi from Ethiopia or even oneself- look beyond and do not judge. Often the truth is far different from what the eye beholds.