"Ode aan Nederland" still three more weeks in Muzee, Scheveningen!

8 June 2024
By: Federica Crivellaro

The Jimmy Nelson Foundation proudly announces the second opening our travelling exhibition at Muzee in Scheveningen, celebrating Dutch cultural heritage

The exhibition, titled “Ode aan Nederland” (Homage to the Netherlands) features work from the book “Between the Sea and the Sky”. The exhibition’s objective is to return the artwork of the communities to their rightful homes, thereby nurturing a sense of pride in preserving Dutch heritage. As a result, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation will enthusiastically donate each of the 20 communities one artwork.

Breaking free from conventional perspectives, “Ode aan Nederland” delves into the essence of 20 Dutch communities featured in Nelson’s latest book, “Between the Sea and the Sky”. Through the lens of Jimmy Nelson, this exhibition presents a profound exploration of the concealed and overlooked identity of a nation that, in its relentless march into the future, had appeared to lose touch with its authentic roots forever.

The heart of the exhibition lies in its reciprocity program, which includes donating 20 artworks to the 20 communities that participated in the “Between the Sea and the Sky” project. This initiative stands as a testament to Jimmy Nelson’s commitment to giving back to the communities that inspire his work. By giving back, a meaningful bond is nurtured between art, culture, and the communities, underscoring the significance of community engagement and collaboration.

Museum Het Warenhuis, Axel – January 2nd to April 1, 2024
Muzee Scheveningen – April 5th to 30 June, 2024
Museum Dokkum in Friesland – July 2nd to September 26, 2024
Zaans Museum in Zaandam – September 28th until December 19 2024