Introducing the 'Ode aan Nederland' – Game!

1 March 2024
By: Margriet Koldijk

The Jimmy Nelson Foundation has crafted a special game designed for you, your family and friends to enhance your exploration of Dutch culture. We invite you to explore the ‘Ode aan Nederland’ exhibition together in a unique and interactive experience.

What’s the game about?

Download or grab your free copy of the game at the ticket counter of Het Warenhuis or any of the participating museums.

Poster Exploration: Play with this beautifully designed poster with a map featuring 20 unique coats of arms. Each one matches up with an artwork in the exhibition.

Sticker Adventure: Place the stickers on the poster over the matching coats of arms as you discover each mesmerising community. Your poster transforms into a colorful collage, capturing your journey through the exhibition.

Interactive Gameplay: Flip the poster to find key highlights of Jimmy Nelson’s artworks, each marked with numbers. It’s a guide to locate specific pieces – perfect for sparking conversations about traditions and shared humanity.

Ode aan Nederland exhibition
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