A New Reciprocity Projects Empowering Education

30 March 2024
By: Federica Crivellaro
Students of the Zangtherpo Primary School by watching the video | Kurjey, Bumthang Valley | Bhutan, 2024.

In April 2023, Zangtherpo Primary School in Bhutan reached out to the Foundation for assistance in upgrading their technological equipment to enhance the educational experience.

The aim was to introduce digital boards, enhancing learning through interactive touch-screen technology. This initiative fosters engaging teaching methods and cultivates vital technology skills for students’ future education and careers.

The Zangtherpo Primary School received seven smartboards, a rarity in rural Bhutanese schools. The Foundation encourages Indigenous involvement in both cultural and technological advancements, aiming to establish a symbiotic relationship between tradition and modernity. The Jimmy Nelson Foundation takes pride in contributing to this journey, playing a small but significant role in empowering students to tackle contemporary challenges while preserving their heritage and fostering dynamic synergy.