New Project: Illu Peqqissarfik

19 January 2022
By: Coco Box

The native people of Greenland have survived for many generations in one of the most challenging conditions in the world. The wisdom they carry is a wealth of unprecedented value.

Behind the beautiful nature and the extremely friendly population lies pain. Colonisation has left deep wounds. Consequences that have a visible and tangible impact on daily life. On top of that, climate change affects most those who live traditionally and depend on nature.

The JNF supports the Native Greenland foundation to establish Illu peqqissarfik – “House” of healing. The aim is to develop places for all in Greenland to come together in a circle. Where traditional ways of healing meet the contemporary way. Places where Elders can share their wisdom and knowledge with the next generation.

Complementary and traditional healing work will be taught. We work together with our Greenlandic students to enable them to work with an individual’s energy consciousness system to create physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. In that way the wisdom and richness that Indigenous people carry inside can come to a full blossom.

Drum dance is an important aspect of Greenlandic culture. Drumdancing brings joy, strength and most of all a deep connection with your roots and ancestors. Above that it has been scientifically proven that music has a healing capacity. We want to make traditional drumdance teachings accessible for every Greenlandic child.

Illu peqqissarfik will build the bridge between the Indigenous wisdom of the Far North and the Western world. As our Western world is so much in need of healing too. We have forgotten how to live with our land and how to live in peace. When healing energy starts to flow, the Indigenous people of Greenland will inspire us how to live in peace with each other and with our land.

The JNF donation makes it possible to establish Illu peqqissarfik and sponsor our Greenlandic students and children. We are very proud we could make a contribution to this important project.