Who is behind the camera


Jimmy Nelson



Jimmy Nelson (1967) has worked for over thirty years as a photographer and is the initiator of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation.


Jimmy Nelson was born in Seven Oaks, the UK. At the age of 16, he was prescribed the wrong medication and lost all of his hair overnight. On the Jesuit boarding school he attended, his baldness was mistaken as a sign for right-wing affiliation. He became socially isolated.


Jimmy started his quest for a place where he would fit in as an 18-year old. His first choice was Tibet, where according to his own research, everybody was bald. This first trip set off a never ending series of wanderings that continues to this day.


On his own search for self, Jimmy discovered the world’s variety of people with their own cultures, looks and languages. He decided to pay homage to them by photographing the people he met on his travel. His work is characterized by it’s romantic and celebratory style.


Jimmy Nelson is now an award-winning photographer. He still cherishes the ambition to document indigenous cultures and leave visual heritage that will stand the test of time. He aims for his work to act as a catalyst for further discussion about the globalizing forces that put these cultures in peril.


The Jimmy Nelson Foundation was founded in 2016. The foundation presents a platform to foster appreciation for cultural diversity and connect people from all over the world in a celebration of polychromatic cultural identity.


“Maybe, from learning from each other, we can come to the realization that we are one.” – Jimmy Nelson