Our world is changing. It’s an inevitable process and it’s advancing at a speed like never before. From a life spent traveling, Jimmy Nelson has experienced that his camera is more than just the perfect tool to make contact and build intimate and unique friendships. For years, his camera has proven to be invaluable in capturing cultural diversity. A cultural diversity with an uncertain future.


Jimmy Nelson has actively gone out to represent the indigenous cultures of the world on film. But with every new journey he undertakes, Jimmy Nelson is finding it harder to discover cultures that are not at risk by the homogenizing forces of a globalizing world. Mankind is at the risk of losing its cultural diversity. With the steady demise of different cultures, the world’s diversity is diminishing and it becomes increasingly difficult to learn from each others’ differences.


Jimmy Nelson has established the foundation to highlight the wealth of having a world with diverse cultural heritage. Why is this important to us? UNESCO director Irina Bokova calls cultural diversity “the promise of renewal and dynamism, and an engine of innovation and development.” The traditional knowledge of indigenous societies can contribute to the planet’s modern vision on technology, science and medicine. Indigenous societies also provide outstanding examples of sustainable living.


The Jimmy Nelson Foundation tries to raise awareness on the way globalization affects our cultural heritage. We engage in fostering an appreciation for cultural diversity and aim to do so by connecting people from different cultures and bolster learning from each others’ shared knowledge.



Imaging and highlighting existing cultures as part of a culturally diverse world. Here we focus on a broad understanding of ‘arts and culture’, including creative and performance art. The aim is to bring cultures together in a way that brings about mutual appreciation.



Sharing information and enabling education about specific cultures. Here we focus on the communities that are portrayed and on audiences of Jimmy Nelson’s work. These projects can include support of existing institutions and organisations.



Establishing a base for the (continued) execution of the cultural expression. This regards working together with local governments and other stakeholders in the public domain.


The Jimmy Nelson Foundation realises that these tracks overlap. We also note that from the top to bottom, each defined goal is a little harder to achieve. We will strengthen and develop our skills, as we commit ourselves to a long term strategy of realizing celebration, education and fortification of culture.


“Having been born into a polychromatic world of cultural diversity, it is my fear that our grandchildren will awake into a monochromatic world not ever having known anything else.” Margeret Mead – social anthropologist




The Jimmy Nelson Foundation shares the wealth of a culturally diverse world. We fund cultural projects that celebrate, fortify and educate about our world’s cultures. With your support we can keep realizing fantastic ideas.


By making a contribution you are fostering an appreciation for cultural diversity and help to connect people from different cultures to learn from each other’s knowledge.


We need your involvement. You can join Jimmy today. By donating or becoming a Friend of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation, you enable our projects. Let’s celebrate the world’s cultural diversity.


We fundraise to support your project. We invite people to present us their projects that can support the world to celebrate its polychromatic cultural identity.


We are looking for projects that are centred around cultural diversity and expression, with a focus on indigenous cultures. Projects we support are based on equal cultural exchange, have clear outcomes and a limited running time.


If you would like to know if your project meets the funding criteria, please see the open calls below and submit your project here.




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