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Our world is changing rapidly. Through this inevitable process, the world’s cultural colours are fading and extraordinary knowledge is on the brink of being lost. Therefore, it is important to encourage people to find pride in their cultural heritage and celebrate diversity, for now and generations to come.

UNESCO director Irina Bokova calls cultural diversity: “the promise of renewal and dynamism, and an engine of innovation and development.” In the world of today, original and traditional knowledge of indigenous societies can contribute to the planet’s modern vision on technology, science, medicine and provide outstanding examples of sustainable living.

Therefore we enable photography projects that promote positive visibility and appreciation for indigenous cultures. In this way, we can show the world the great value that cultural heritage holds.


Join us on this journey and help us empower indigenous cultural expression, by creating a documentary of traditions, stories and faces before our world has forever change.


recent and upcoming


  • On June 24, 2019 the yearly festival of Inti Raymi took place and the Jimmy Nelson Foundation team flew to Cusco to document this cultural celebration. The journal for this project is ready and we are happy to share it with you: Quechua Project Journal. In this journal you can read the day-to-day ex...

  • We feel happy that Easy Traveler Magazine contacted the JNF to feature us in their latest issue. It was a good opportunity for us to reach a new audience while promoting the JNF work and the Csikós project in Hungary. You can read the whole article the Easy Traveler Magazine. Page 68 – 80...

  • Last weekend (Saturday Jun. 15), the Jimmy Nelson Foundation hosted eight children in their office to be the pilots of a digital world trip adventure. As part of the educational program the JNF is building, they invited these enthusiastic kids try out for the first time a 360 VR experience. The VR t...

  • At the JNF we believe that education is a powerful tool, but it is yet another sector in our society that lacks inclusion of cultural diversity. For months we have been brainstorming about how to bring to schools the valuable material and information Jimmy Nelson and the JNF have been gathering. We ...


The Jimmy Nelson Foundation documents cultural festivals and gatherings through the eyes of indigenous people. We finance projects worldwide that give indigenous cultures a platform to share their stories and promote pride, celebration, and positive self-image.


With your contribution you foster an appreciation for cultural diversity and help to connect people from different cultures to learn from each other’s knowledge.


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The Jimmy Nelson Foundation projects take place in cultural festivals and gatherings around the globe, with the aim of documenting the world’s last indigenous cultures from their own personal perspective.


Our mission is to record the pride that lies beneath these diverse peoples which will bring us back together and form a basis of mutual respect, and understanding for all humanity.


Have you ever felt the urge to join Jimmy Nelson? Are you passionate about indigenous cultures, photography, and traveling? Then, we are looking for you!



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