See the bigger picture

Our Dream

A culturally diverse and healthy planet with respect for each other.


Better intercultural dialogue and understanding are essential to ensure a prosperous future for our species and planet. But the world’s cultural colours are fading fast, and elementary natural wisdom is on the brink of being lost.

We need to act now, and see the bigger picture: We are one. And only united in our diversity, we can meet the enormous challenges we face.







Inspire humanity to create a deeper connection with their own cultural identity and each other, and help safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage for future generations (SDG 11.4).


If we don’t act now, all will be gone forever.



  • The World Economic Forum, which will be held in Davos this month, will be manifested around the theme “Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World”. It will bring together 3,000 decision-makers, philanthropists and corporate activists from around the world, and aim to assist governments and in...

  • We feel happy that our blog about the Hadzabe, the last Hunter Gatherers of Tanzania is posted on the website of Explore Tanzania. Here you can read the blog about the Hadzabe project. (in Dutch)...

  • We, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation support People’s Planet Project. This is a social movement of documentary filmmakers. They are transferring film- and storytelling skills to a new generation of indigenous community members who are on the frontline of the real and dangerous fight for the world’s...

  • Last summer our third 2018-’19 team of visual storytellers journeyed to Peru to capture the ceremony ‘Inti Raymi’ of the Quechua, also known as the Inca, for the Jimmy Nelson Foundation. Recently, for the Columbus Travel Magazine, our team has been interviewed. Interested in being ...


We are all human and together we can inspire humanity to respect one another. But in order to change the world, we will need your help! With your support, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation facilitates projects to raise awareness and share knowledge of indigenous cultures through education and art. The reciprocity projects will focus on working together with the communities to support their cultural heritage.


To contribute you can become a friend of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation or donate directly to one of our projects (coming soon).

Feel like taking action? The Jimmy Nelson Foundation aims to document and to research further how to create the reciprocity projects with and for the communities. In order to do so, we need people on the ground! Our goal is to organize a number of journeys a year which will take place during a cultural festival and/or gathering. During the trip you will form a team with a group of volunteers and together with the community, you will document the event from your and their perspective. Next to documenting you will be doing research on how and where we can support the community. Your research will help us to set up reciprocity projects!



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And don’t worry... we don’t like spam either