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Indigenous and original knowledge can teach us invariably much about ourselves, about others and about how to look after our planet. It can contribute to the planet’s modern vision on technology, science, even medicine – and provide us with examples of sustainable living.


In anticipation of losing cultural colours in the process of global change, we want to emphasise that these cultures have not “passed away” yet. In fact, we want to highlight they are there and celebrate that our world still guards all this richness in diversity!


Therefore we enable photography projects that promote positive visibility and appreciation for indigenous cultures. Our goal: to empower young indigenous individuals and incite pride for their cultural heritage. Join us on this journey and help us create a documentation-like fire place of traditions, stories and faces – before our world has forever changed.



The Jimmy Nelson Foundation was set up in 2016 by the English photographer Jimmy Nelson to bring people from different worlds together.


recent and upcoming


  • Last Wranglers of the Hungarian Great Plain   Two weeks before the start of the project we had an introductory meeting at the office of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation in Amsterdam. Here we were warmly welcomed by Jimmy and his team members, after which we discussed the goals and the details of the...

  • Hortobágyi Lovasnapok 2018 This July we will have our first pilot project of ‘Circles of Cultural Connection’, in no where else than in… Hungary! The Hortobágyi Lovasnapok festival in the beginning of July, is celebrated on the Great Plains of Eastern Hungary. The Hortobágy is Hung...

  • Our Pilot project of this summer is about to kick of the 5th of July, in no where else than in….Hungary!   Our first 2018 team, of talented photographers, filmers and visual story tellers is going to Hungary for the Hortobágyi Lovasnapok festival, this July, to create the first of many &#...

  • Project materials supported by Nikon   As our first project of 2018 is coming up in the first week of July, it is time to present to you our valued partner and sponsor: Nikon! From now on, Nikon will grant all Jimmy Nelson Foundation projects materials (cameras, lenses, VR cameras and GoPros) t...


The Jimmy Nelson Foundation enables the documentation of cultural festivals through the eyes of indigenous people. We finance projects world-wide and give indigenous cultures a platform to share their stories and promote pride, celebra- tion and positive self-image.


Become a Friend of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation and help us to foster cultural diversity.

In the upcoming year (2018) the Jimmy Nelson Foundation is will be enabling journeys to cultural festivals around the globe. Here, we will create projects that document cultural traditions through the eyes of indigenous people. Our mission: to document the pride that lies in our global cultural heritage and to work together on a basis of mutual respect and connection.


We urge all young talented individuals to apply and join the journeys!



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Subscribe to the mailing list to keep up with updates from the Jimmy Nelson Foundation.
And don’t worry... we don’t like spam either