United in diversity

Our Dream

A culturally diverse and healthy planet with respect for each other.

Soon it will be possible for you to contribute directly to a reciprocity project of your preference!
We are supporting local communities in preserving their knowledge, cultural and natural heritage for future generations. It is important that traditional cultural preservation and modern development complement each other in the future. Please support us in one of the following projects:


Q’eros in Peru – Centre for ancestral culture

In coöperation with Hannah Rae’s Willka Yachay charity and the Q’eros, we are working on building a centre for ancestral culture where the Q’eros can gather, practise rituals, celebrate together and pass on their culture.


Kazakhs in Western Mongolia –  Sustainable use of Golden Eagles in traditional Kazakh Falconry 

The goal of this project is to ensure the co-existence of a healthy golden eagle population whilst keeping this ancient cultural tradition alive by promoting sustainable use of the eagle population. We are doing this in collaboration with the Mongolian Golden eagle Association and Nomadic Expeditions by WSCC of Mongolia. 


Maasai in Kenya – Cultural Centre

Maasai Chief Sankale ole Ntutu and his wife Manon van Oldenbarneveld informed us that the Maasai community is in urgent need of a cultural centre. Due to fencing of their lands and urbanization, they experience loss of language, stories and traditional ceremonies. The culture centre will be built in collaboration with the Back to Nature Foundation.


Several communities in Papua New Guinea – Preservation of feather headdresses

Feather headdresses in Papua New Guinea are not only beautiful but form an indispensable part of the countless rituals and ceremonies that are an essential part of this culture. The bird-of-paradise is traditionally hunted for its feathers. Wildlife Conservation Society WSC is producing preservation sets for the feathers and we will distribute these to communities WSC has not been able to reach yet. This way the headdresses will be preserved for the next generations and the endangered bird-of-paradise population can flourish again.


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Better intercultural dialogue and understanding are essential to ensure a prosperous future for our species and planet. But the world’s cultural colours are fading fast, and elementary natural wisdom is on the brink of being lost.


We need to act now, and see the bigger picture: We are one. And only united in our diversity, we can meet the enormous challenges we face.






Inspire humanity to create a deeper connection with their own cultural identity and each other, and help safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage for future generations (SDG 11.4).


If we don’t act now, all will be gone forever.





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We are all human and together we can inspire humanity to respect one another. But in order to change the world, we will need your help! With your support, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation facilitates projects to raise awareness and share knowledge of indigenous cultures through education and art. The reciprocity projects will focus on working together with the communities to support their cultural heritage.


To contribute you can become a friend of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation or donate directly to one of our reciprocity projects (coming soon).

Each book sold empowers people to revalue their cultural heritage. From education programmes to research and reciprocity projects. Good karma? You bet.


Artist Jimmy Nelson, the initiator of this foundation, creates renowned art books. In his images, people stand there proud, as if on a pedestal, worthy of all respect. The first step towards recognition for indigenous cultures and their wisdom around the globe. His books are making an impact with a capital I. Each book sold is not only raising awareness but also financially fueling our various projects. Visit his website for more information or to order a book.



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stay in the know


Subscribe to the mailing list to keep up with updates from the Jimmy Nelson Foundation.
And don’t worry... we don’t like spam either